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Who ya gonna call? Everyone goes through tough times. When you need someone to talk to the best place to turn is to a good friend. But all too often the friend is not available or isn't prepared to deal with the situation or has conflicting involvements or is so tied up in their own situation that they don't have the time or patience to attend to yours. Even better than a good friend is a "paid friend," a licensed therapist who is trained and prepared to help you with your issues in a professional and fully confidential manner. But with the cost of these sevices averaging a hundred dollars or more, and even insurance co-pays running around fifty dollars, this becomes out of many people's reach, especially when, as is so often the case, financial issues are already part of the problem. Su Casa Psychotherapy Services has been established to bridge that gap by offering low or no cost professional services by email.

Su Casa Psychotherapy Services grew out of our founder's work with Southwest College, the Association for Research and Enlightenment, the Milton Erickson Institute, Antioch University, the New Mexico Human Services Department, and Family Preservation at the Children Youth and Families Department all of which held that the office environment was the most disposable element in providing direct services to those in need. All direct therapeutic services are provided by a licensed Master Social Worker. is a project of, a 501c3 public charity registered with the IRS and New Mexico Attorney General.

After the initial contact, consent to disclaimers, and commitment, we will proceed with therapeutic services, initially by email, by free will donation.

Nothing is really "free."  Most often, we tend to value things at the price we pay for them. All of our services will entail a commitment by you to work seriously on your issues and our responses so as not to detract from the value of our time and efforts.  If you find value in our dialog, you are encouraged to make a donation in any amount to help us continue to provide services to those who may be even less able to pay.



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