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B.A. English, 1969, University of Delaware

M.A. Psychology, 1988, Antioch Univesity

L.M.S.W. 1990 New Mexico, Lic. # M-0439


That is the official information but perhaps not as relevant as the fact that I have been there and done that with regard to many (but far from all) issues. Married and divorced two times, I have two children, each of whom is married and has given me a grandchild. I am currently in my third longterm relationship (14 and 20 years on the first two), which has (so far) also included a breakup and separation for a year and a half.

None of this is to suggest that I know, or can come to know or intuit the answer(s) to your problems. I do not expect to be able to tell you what you need to do to get better even after you tell me what is going on. That is not even the goal of our work together. Rather, given my life experience and professional training, I hope to be able to help you at arriving at your own solutions.



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